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Sometimes, I’m Junglee

Started off life famous of course…(in West Virginia….for being vegetarian…it’s just how I roll) and that fame led me to Htown where my big brother told me dresses were for girls. The Longhorn came honking it’s horn and the Smartest Guys in The Room gifted me my first job where I was actually paid (I think).  Law school was next because, well, I wasn’t going to medical school, and what followed was a epic 3 years of partying at Streeters, Y Bar and of course, my contacts freezing out. The charm of becoming a New Yorker was too hard to ignore and a blurry 3 years later, I found myself in India, married and restarting life.  A degree from Spin Gurus (yes, I now have a DJing degree) was obviously next on my list  followed by Exclusively.in, Vogue and a lot of random Mumbai nights. Living on the Palm for 2 years was ridiculous to say the least and somehow, between traveling to 22 countries and interviewing Cate Blanchett, I suddenly grew up and received my most epic role,  mama.  Now, back in Texas where my mom can drive up anytime to drop off some thepla, I start life again….

So sometimes I’m a lawyer, sometimes I’m a writer.  I am always a DJ.  I am a mother of two beautiful girls, a wife to my best friend.  I am filled with useless knowledge and I promise to make you laugh at least once.  Come hang.

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