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Season 1: What the…South Asian Trailblazers

Join us as we interview various South Asian artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, musicians, philanthropists, teachers, writers, social media stars, lawyers and yes, even doctors.

We will also be hosting bonus “BrownTable” episodes with our very own co-hosts.

*Episodes may contain explicit content and language not suitable for children.”

Our Co-Hosts

Four score & twenty seven years ago, little Nisha hopped into the world with a passion & burning desire to create. With her body & imagination constantly in motion, Nisha was able to fuel that into a career of design, marketing, & event branding (*whispers*but nobody puts Nisha in a box). When she’s not making fire playlists or performing solo concerts in her car, Nisha loves discovering new places, people, experiences & cocktails with her loved ones. What she’s looking for in a man:…oops, wrong website.
Jitin (No YOU Didn’t) has been flapping his mouth about his opinions ever since he first had an audience at the age of two, by which time he was fluent in three languages (Sindhi, Hindi & English). Ever since then, his parents have not been able to shut him up. Now a tv reporter, publicist & event planner, Jitin founded the Dallas/Fort Worth South Asian Film Festival (www.dfwsaff.com) in 2015. In addition to binge watching independent films, Jitin also likes to traipse the world, experiment with new cuisines & make deep connections. His biggest turn-on’s: intellect, ambition & a highly-evolved moral compass (no wonder, he is still single!).
Always ready to talk movies and games, Nizar was raised in art house cinemas and spent his youth playing Game Boy during road trips around the states. Twenty years later, nothing much has changed. Except now he has an amazing Player 2 to do it all with and they settle arguments like mature adults- over a game of Tetris.

Derived from the colloquial New England English word “tucker” of the 19th Century.

To “tucker” is to exhaust and to be “tuckered out” is to be exhausted.


A little humblebrag never hurt nobody.

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